Pat Davis

Patricia_Davis_(small_pic)Post by Pat Davis, American consultant 

I’ve been working with Arab women for the past decade so I’m familiar with their deep frustration that peace in the Middle East remains so elusive.  What I had not heard firsthand was the perspective of Israeli women on this issue.  The Forward Global Women (FGW) convening in Berlin presented a rare and extraordinary opportunity to not only learn more about the experiences of both sides but to have an intimate dialogue among these engaged and intelligent women leaders.  It was inspiring to witness their willingness to listen, to share their stories and really hear each other, and to work together to move toward conflict resolution.  Women have a place at that table – in fact their unique insights are essential to the effort – and FGW is establishing relationships and developing skills that can lead to real and sustainable progress.  Many thanks to Sandy, Rula and Rina for allowing me to participate.