Mary Thuraya Sweis

IMG_0191Post by Mary Thuraya Sweis, Jordanian participant

The conflict resolution peace building convening the second in St. Paul Minnesota and the Third in Berlin were a great experiences for me, I learned how important is is for everyone to believe in defending peace and security. Especially for women in conflict zones like our region in the middle east. I was particularly impressed by how our neighbours from Israel Rine and Orit discussed peace and they are serious about having peace with the palestinians, it gives me hope.

I also like the way senator sandy papas, Dr. Rula, and Mrs Anisa moderated the workshops and the brain storming sessions, which were productive in forming strategies to be applied in the future.

I hope this program expands to include more women and youth from all over the world, to work on peace building, life is too short for hatred and war, we women need to lead process for peace.