Our Mission

Forward Global Women fosters the development of peacemakers by bringing together women leaders and activists from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region to share knowledge and grow skills that help advance and facilitate sustainable peace, security and co-existence for the well being of all.

Forward Global Women (FGW) was borne from the desire to promote the peaceful resolution of conflict in the Middle East and to advocate for the full and equal participation of women in the peacemaking process.

Through an annual convening and other events, FGW brings together women leaders – elected officials, academicians and activists – from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and the United States to build relationships, grow skills and facilitate new understandings of social and political issues in their respective countries, creating a network of women peacemakers.


The importance of including women in the peace process was recognized by the United Nations (UN) in 2000 with the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1325, which affirmed that peace and security efforts are more sustainable when women are equal partners in the prevention of conflict and in the forging of a lasting peace. A study by UN Women in 2015 (Read Here) found that women’s participation in peace processes not only improves the likelihood that an agreement will be reached but also results in a more durable and stable peace. With the inclusion of women, the probability of a peace agreement lasting at least two years is increased by 20 percent and the probability of lasting 15 years is increased by 35 percent.



Noha Bakr and Sarah Erickson

Involving Women from the MENA Region

To create a space for women from the MENA (Middle East/North Africa) Region and the US to have an inspiring convening of connections, conversations and relationship-building through a dialogical engagement with old and new paradigms.


Creation of Cross-Cultural Relationships

To transform conflict into more sustainable, peaceful relationships that are based upon principles of justice and equality to build support networks that cross geographic, political and cultural boundaries.

Monday Evening Opening Session

Facilitating New Perspectives and Understandings

To facilitate new understandings of political and social problems through the lens of women leaders and to pursue potential solutions for which no answers or pathway currently exist.


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