Talia Sasson

Eldad Rafaeli - 0064_resize (3)-תמונה- טליהPost by Talia Sasson, Israeli participant

It was a great pleasure for me to take part in the short seminar we had in Berlin. The most important thing for me was the meeting itself with such impressive women from Arab states: Our neighbors- with whom we don’t have a chance usually to meet and express our desire for peaceת express our desire for peace. have a chance usually to meet and express our desire for peace.  . I think we all realized how similar our struggle for women rights are although we are coming from different states and cultures.

The most impressive story I heard was by the Tunisian MP who described her struggle with a lot of women in Tunisia for women rights. I was inspired by that unusual story and wish we will find the courage to do the same in Israel with demanding from our government to take serious actions for peace with Palestinians and Arab states as well.

I wish you all the best wishes there is- especially for getting progress for women liberation in your states that might affect the lives of you, your dear ones and us all.

Thank you so much for our American friends, for financing this event and giving us the chance to meet and talk. But specially thanks for your care and passion to help women all over the world and give progress for peace.

I believe that women could achieve what men don’t want to, or can’t.

We could together do more than them.