Women Creating Art for Peace and Gender Justice

Celebrating 100 Years of WILPF, 93 Years of Minnesota Metro WILPF, 20 Years since the 4th UN World Conference on Women Beijing

WHEN: April 22-29, 2015
Noon to 8 p.m. 

WHERE: Carondelet Center 1890 Randolph, St Paul, MN

Over the past 20 years we, the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom Arts Committee, a small group of WILPF artists, activists, and scholars, have shared the stories of global women and the United Nations documents on women through the arts in collaboration with other peace and women’s organizations*.  We believe in the power of the arts to effect social change and to illuminate public policies.

This retrospect exhibition documents our art making with images,photos, videos, posters, story boards, information handouts, books, costumes, quilts, scripts, paintings, posters, and sandwich boards.  The stories told raise awareness that “Women’s Rights are Human Rights as illuminated the United Nations 1995 Beijing Platform for Action – a document based on the earlier UN Call for Action and other UN documents regarding women & children.

Our exhibition, April 22-29 2015, coincides with the WILPF International Congress and 100 year anniversary to be held at the Hague and also celebrates the 93rd anniversary of our Minnesota WILPF chapter.

The exhibit includes daily artists talk, performances and speakers – weekdays at 6: PM and Saturday and Sundays at 2 – 4 – and 6: PM.  Multiple video stations will highlight related films.

At the Opening 100th Birthday Celebration, Jane Adams/ Luella Greene will tell the story of the founding of WILPF in 1915 and the Women’s Drum Heart will play. On April 23 composer Janika Vandervelde will speak about her musical collaborations and performances with WILPF, composers and dancers from the Perpich High School and community groups.  On Sunday April 26 Senator Sandy Pappas will speak her organization Forward Global Women and its peacemaking efforts. The April 29 Closing will feature Cheryl Thomas, Executive Director of Global Rights for Women speaking on the UN documents on Women. See www.wilfmn.org orwww.wisdomways.org for additional programs.

Wisdom Ways, the Sisters of St Joseph Peace and Justice organization at the Carondelet Center, is providing space and collaboration with the exhibition.  Metropolitan State U’s Peace Institute is adding support.

Come and See

  • Global Women at the 1995 United Nations Beijing Conference on Women celebrating and working together.
  • Art, performances and curriculum that bring UN Documents on Women to life.
  • Mary Yang with her living Hmong Story Quilt telling the story of her life.
  • A young mother holding her new born daughter and facing the dilemma of female genital mutilation in her culture.
  • Naima Richmond re-counting growing up African American in Atlanta and focusing on Reparation for African Americans..
  • Women in Black vigils witnessing against war and violence against women –
  • Annual Hiroshima Nagasaki events at the Minneapolis Peace Garden.
  • International artists, activists and scholars examining Women and Water Rights.

Press Release: Contact Terri Hawthorne 651-645-4427terrihawthorne@comcast.net
or Luella Greene 651-433-3773 luellagreene@frontiernet.net
www.wilfmn.org or www.wisdomwayscenter.org