Anissa Hassouna

Anissa photoPost by Anissa Hassouna, Jordanian participant

I believe this meeting was successful in breaking more of the ice between the backgrounds of attending women; the debate was based on objective interventions after listening to the different points of view with respect.

On the other hand and while I enjoyed the discussions yet believe there is much room for improvement in the training component which could benefit from different scenarios and untraditional approaches.

I recommend that peace-building literature be used as reference for points of departure before holding the meetings, but upon convening we need focused agendas with practical tips to move forward in view of lessons learned from other experiences of conflict resolution based on 1325.

I believe future meetings should have more time to allow for more constructive outcomes which also require more diversity in country representation.

I liked the preliminary session of exercise with the fun & relaxing atmosphere.

Thank you all for a lovely gathering.

Amal Haddadin

Post by Amal Haddadin, Jordanian participant

It was my first visit to Germany. And gave me a chance to meet my beloved uncle.

The arrangements for the symposium were well organized during the whole period of the event.

Mrs and her deputies their excellencies Dr Rula Qawas, are extremely cooperative with all the participants.

The workshops were very fruitful, the trainers Juliy and Hellina pedagogique.

Never the less I think that the workshop duration was a little bit short in order to conceive more time for training the participant on preparing NAP for SCR1325 .