Rula and Pnina

“What does Security Mean to You?” 

This was a joint effort of women from countries in the MENA region (Middle East/North Africa) and from various social positions – to understand what “security” means to women in our respective countries and in our joint region. We know that women feel the need for security in many areas of their every-day lives. Hence our aim in this initiative is to create a space for women to voice their concerns, their experiences and their thoughts about certain securities they strive for. In order to elicit concrete stories we ask women to share stories of security and security-breaching. We began with a pilot in Israel and Jordan with a second stage adding Morocco. Lead researchers collected stories and compiled a literature review throughout the process. Dr. Pnina Steinberg of Israel is the lead researcher in cooperation with Professor Rula Quawas of Jordan and Professor Fatima Sadiqi of Morocco.

The lead researchers on the Security Project compiled their research on their respective countries into a report. The Security Report was developed between 2014 -2017. It can be accessed using the following links:

Summary: General Introduction

Part One: Security Project Jordan Report: Jordan Report

Part Two: Security Project Morocco Report: Morocco Report

Part Three: Security Project Israel Report: Israel Report