To: Suggested Speaker for our Opening Keynote

From: Forward Global Women (

I hope you are well. Spring is around the corner offering us hope for new beginnings and for new conversations.

It would be prim and proper to introduce ourselves to you at the very outset. We are three women who believe in the power of creating change in the communities that we live in. We believe in peacemaking and in crossing borders. Over five years, we have been able to create a common ground where diverse women (officials, activists and academics) from the MENA region and beyond meet and discuss topics that pertain to UN Resolution 1325, to the power dynamics of religion, and to women’s challenges for security, peace, rights, and equality. We have held four convenings so far, and we are about to hold our fifth convening in Cypress from July 31 to August 5, 2016. This year, our subject matter builds on the topic we have chosen for our fourth convening, which is: Women’s Challenges for Security, Peace, Rights and Equality in the MENA Region – Reducing Vulnerability and Building Resilience. Living in difficult times, we have decided this year to include the topic of women refugees and their families. Their dire situation requires our immediate attention and help.

Part of our convening is to invite a speaker for our opening keynote, which will be attended by the 24 participants of the convening. Since you are well known for your expertise in the field of women, security, and refugees, we would like to ask you to join us and be our speaker. As you already know, governments and aid agencies are failing to provide even basic protection to women and girl refugees traveling from Syria and Iraq. Research shows that women and girl refugees face violence, assault, exploitation, and sexual harassment at every stage of their journey. More steps need to be taken to ensure that special services are put in place to ensure that women’s basic rights, safety and security are protected.

Our aim is that you will the set the pace for the whole convening and establish its main underlying themes. It would be a great honor to have you with us and to listen to your comments and insights on the matter at hand. We also would like to invite you to stay with us for the whole duration of the convening and to share your insights with us. We know that your presence will enhance our knowledge wealth and enable us to see the crisis of women refugees through a humane lens. The Q & A session which will ensue will also engage the audience members and crystallize many tangents germane to the issue of women and refugees.

We hope you will accept our invitation and join us in our convening . Thank you for being part of our ever-budding family.

We wish you all the best with all of your future endeavors.

Kind Regards.