Regional Program: Planning Discussions

January 2020 | Amman, Jordan | Jerusalem |Tel Aviv, Israel

Purpose: Discussions with members of the Jordanian, Israeli and Palestinian teams to organize and plan for future projects and convenings. Planning Committees were formed for the 2020 Annual Convening and a 2020/2021 Regional Convenings designed to connect young women leaders from Israel, Jordan and Palestine under the topic of Young Women’s Leadership and Empowerment. Both should provide opportunities for professional training and foster networking and peacebuilding in the region. Some meetings were arranged to network with professionals and NGO’s that provide gender programming and facilitation services in the region.

Sandy Pappas meets with facilitator Sarah Perle from the Arava Institute on Environmental Studies.
Nivine Sandouka of the Palestinian Team
Rachel Carlson meets with Jordanian Participants Maya Hassan Abu- Ajamieh (left), and Samia Smadi (right) in Amman, Jordan.
Rina Bar Tal, Co- Founder of Forward Global Women and Israeli Team Leader
Hikmat Alami of the Palestinian Team

Forward Global Women’s Founders Regional Meeting

December 2015 | Amman, Jordan & Tel Aviv, Israel

Purpose: Relationship building between Forward Global Women’s Founders and Israeli and Jordanian team members. Promotion of Forward Global Women’s Security Project.

The Regional teams visited the University of Amman in Jordan where Founder Rula Quawas was an esteemed professor. Meetings were arranged with Fredrick Ebert Stiftung’s offices in both Amman and Tel Aviv to discuss future steps for the Security Project including its publication. The Team met with staff from the US Embassy in Amman as well as with Einat Shlein, the Israeli Ambassador to Jordan. During time outside of Amman, the Team was able to visit with locals in Al Fuhais Municipality a predominantly Christian town in Jordan.

Forward Global Women meet with the Israeli Ambassador to Jordan, Einat Shlein.
Forward Global Women meets with leaders of Women Wage Peace to discuss the widespread women led movement for peace between Israel and Palestine.
Rula Quawas, Rina Bar Tal, Mary Hatter Sweis, Orit Zuaretz, and Sandy Pappas gather in Al Fuhais, Jordan.