“Sexual Violence, Child Marriage, and Prosecutions”

October 17, 2017 

Forward Global Women co-sponsored the event Sexual Violence, Child Marriage, and Prosecutions with guest speakers Ellen Kennedy of World Without Genocide and Caroline Palmer of MN CASA.




Women Wage Peace Continues in Journey to Peace

   October 2017

Journey to Peace, Women Wage Peace’s second annual peace march, came to a close on Sunday, October 8th. Huda Abuarquob, of Forward Global Women’s Palestinian team, has played a pivotal role with Women Wage Peace in bringing together an estimated 30,000 Israeli and Palestinian women to participate in the marches and events, all with the goal of bringing peace to their community. Watch Huda speak during a rally in Jerusalem here.

For more information on the Journey to Peace and Women Wage Peace’s March of Hope visit our event page here.

2017 Nobel Peace Prize Forum

Ikram Ben Said, Sandy Pappas, Phyllis Kahn, Rachel Carlson, Sherry Munyon, and Hannah Rosenbaum.

September 15-16, 2017 

The annual Nobel Peace Prize Forum hosted by Augsburg University in Minneapolis, MN honored the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet, the Nobel Laureates of 2015.

This year’s forum focused on ‘The Power of Dialogue.’ The Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet uniquely brought together 4 areas of civil society and led negotiations with the Tunisian government at a pivotal time in Tunisia’s post- Arab Spring development. The Quartet has been credited with helping Tunisia avoid all-out civil war.

Forward Global Women’s Tunisian team leader Ikram Ben Said joined two members of the Dialogue Quartet on a panel addressing the ‘Strengthening of Democracy and Human Rights after the Arab Spring’ on Friday, September 15th.




Karen Feste, of Forward Global Women’s US Team, presented on an afternoon panel with the topic of “Nonviolent responses to extremist violence.”


Sherry Munyon, Board Member of Forward Global Women with Nobel Laureates Houcine Abbassi, Secretary General of the Tunisian General Labor Union; Mohamed Fadhel Mahfoudh, President of the Tunisian Order of Lawyers; and Abdessattar Ben Moussa, President of the Tunisian Human Rights League.




International Women’s Day 2017


March 8, 2017

In honor of International Women’s Day, women across the world joined together in marches, service projects, and political efforts. Refer to the International Women’s Day event tracker for detailed accounts of the events taking place in the MENA region.

Pictured on the right, Forward Global Women President Sandy Pappas marches at the Minnesota State Capitol with the slogan “Women. Power. Peace.”


Forward Global Women joins Women Wage Peace in the 2016 March of Hope


October, 2016

From October 4th – October 19th, women of Israel and Palestine have gathered together in the March of Hope. Spanning over 250km during the 2 weeks, these courageous women stand together for security and a lasting peace in their region. Numerous organizations and communities have stood in solidarity with the March of Hope participants from all across the world. Forward Global Women has aided in coordinating many of these events.

Watch the March for Hope video

Learn more about the March of Hope and what you can do to become involved.

Peace, Shalom, Salaam from the Shir Tikvah community in Minneapolis, MN.

Check out the video that went viral covering the #MarchofHope2016: link.