On October 4th, 2016, two weeks of marches and planned events united women from Israel and Palestine as they gathered together for the March of Hope. The March of Hope spanned over 250km and ended in a final march to Jerusalem on October 19th.  Over 2,000 women participated in the opening ceremony. A number of solidarity events have were planned across the world in a show of support. Forward Global Women joined in spreading this message of peace and hope. See contributions to this effort on Facebook or Twitter under #MarchofHope2016.

Live streams of the events (in Hebrew) are available on the Women Wage Peace Facebook Page, and (in English) on Twitter at #WomenWagePeace.
The full route the March of Hope will follow can be found by following this link.

Forward Global Women Participant Huda Abuaquorb spoke during one of the organized peace rallies. Listen to her remarks below.


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For a list of upcoming events organized by Women Wage Peace and ways for you to become involved follow this link.