Minneapolis, MN 2015

Preparing for the convening

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A Time for Boldness

A Poem written at our very first convening in 2011

Our vision, our values, and our voices inspired ideas for action.
It’s time to strengthen the power of you:
In your circles of influence, as you move in the world…
educating, empowering, mentoring, building up,
collaborating, questioning, changing systems,
being and becoming game changers,
doing what uplifts and paving the way – consciously,
courageously and with confidence
It’s time to honor the power of me:
On a deep and personal level…
embracing who I am – authentically,
finding my voice, raising my voice,
giving voice, asking for what I want
It’s time to unite with the power of we:
We are here…We are…We, the
faces of the future
walking together, working
together, helping one another
using our networks, standing
Yes, we have been silent for far
too long.
Yes, we have given away our gifts
We have but one life to live
We must think about all of our children
We must, collectively, be a guiding light
As the world turns, WE CAN imagine a different reality
In our search for tomorrow, we must not only illuminate,
but activate our vision, our values and our voices.
It is time to tell our stories and her stories
It is a time for boldness

—by Amy L. Baptiste, Ed.D.

Peace Statements from the convening:

2015 Peace Statements
“Coexistence with the shared understanding that all individuals deserve respect and have the right to live their lives without the fear of violence.”— Pat Davis


“Peace for me is the ability to reach out to people across the boundaries of religion, gender and political orientation. It is an exquisite sense of freedom that gives meaning to life and to what we do as women.”— Fatima Sadiqi


“I think peace is not only the absence of violence or conflict, peace means: respecting Justice, dignity, equality, freedom and living together in harmony and accept differences, making this difference as a source of enrichment. In this way, People can live in peaceful, stable societies.”       — Amira Marzouk

“Peace is tolerance, love and dialogue.”— Fatima Outaleb

“The state of peace materializes when individuals enjoy the same rights and privileges, when human dignity is safeguarded and basic needs provided.”— Anissa Hassouna

“Peace can only be reached after a past management, a conflict prevention and a difference acceptance. Peace is harmony, is sharing, is accepting others’ beliefs, cultures, ideas.”— Loubna Amhair

“Peace is when the population of any community lives without any social or economical violence or conflicts. Regionally and globally speaking it is when the states can resolve conflicts without wars.”— Jihane Abbassi

“I believe this is the FOURTH convening I’m attending both as a participant and fellow founder. Thus, of most importance to me is to meet FACE TO FACE with women who live in my geographical “arena” – the MENA countries. It’s almost a one and only yearly opportunity to converse, discuss, exchange views and opinions, as well as hold conversations of agreement and disagreement related to our issues of the area.To share our values and beliefs, to find out more about each other, to LEARN, to RESPECT and to acknowledge the differences between us, as well as the common grounds, values, beliefs and more, that we might share. Through the above, we should wish to CHANGE THE WORLD we live in. To influence our leaders in our various countries, to offer and suggest CHANGE and to see if we can relate to and carry out our VISION for change, especially for women in our countries. And last but not least, especially during these hard political days in my country where so many PR campaigns are going on….to show that Israel is so much more than what political lobby groups and others try to show her as…To show that not all of us agree with the politics in our country yet we’re the only democracy in the area thus have to respect as well as oppose our leaders when needed and necessary…in short— to bring to the convening different VOICES and share with our sisters in the area our agendas as well.”— Rina Bar Tal

“Peace is a state of balance and understanding, where respect is gained by the acceptance of differences regardless of religion, culture, tolerance persists, conflicts are solved through dialogue, people’s rights are respected and their voices are heard and everyone is at their highest point of serenity without social tension.”— Amal Haddadin

“My concept of a comprehensive peace includes various aspects: it begins with a social and personal security, freedom, and the possibilities to realize and fulfill the potential in the region in which we live. The reality of peace, for me, is no violent conflict but partnership and relations between two sides, the ability to resolve any dispute which may arise by negotiation rather than force and coercion. The starting point is the acceptance and avoidance of any violence and oppression bulging a reality where security does not depend on military force.”— Orit Zuaretz