Forward Global Women’s Sixth Annual Convening of Women Leaders

 The 2017 Convening of women leaders took place July 16- July 20. The program was focused on “Regional Engagement Against Violent Extremism and Terrorism.” As always there was in depth discussions on the impact on women and families in the MENA Region.



The daily sessions were generously hosted by the Peace Research Institute of Oslo (PRIO). We extend a gracious thank you to PRIO for the use of their venue during our stay.



Read the 2017 Convening Report here: 2017 Convening Report

Monday, July 17- Morning Session:

Sara Zeiger, Senior Research Analyst for Hedayah, addressed our group on Monday, July 17. Her speech was titled “Women’s Roles in VE and P/VE: An International Perspective.” It can be viewed here: Women_CVE_OsloRevised.




Monday, July 17- Afternoon Session

   Anat Hochberg Marom and Fatima Sadiqi were members of a panel during our afternoon session on Monday, July 17. They spent time discussing the concept of “Bearing Witness to Local and Global Terrorism.” Fatima Sadiqi specifically addressed Daesh ideologies  in her speech titled “Inside the Ideology of Daesh: The Challenge of Women’s Rights.” Her remarks can be downloaded here: Concepts that Matter in the War Against Terrorism. Anat Hochberg Marom pushed our convening participants to think outside of the box in assessing terrorism in her speech “The Immense Impact of Global Terrorism (ISIS)- Out of the box thinking.” Her presentation can be found here: Dr. Anat Hochberg-Marom – Oslo Conference.


Tuesday, July 18- Morning Session

Houda Abadi, Associate Director of The Carter Center’s Conflict Resolution Program, spoke on Tuesday, July 18. Her speech was titled “Countering Daesh Propaganda and Islamophobia: Community Approaches to Peace-building.”




Tuesday, July 18- Afternoon Session

For the afternoon session each team was asked to prepare a presentation that would highlight the regional threats of violent extremism and its impact on women in their home countries. We heard from:



We were joined by two facilitators from the Nansen Center for Peace and Dialogue: Christiane Seehausen (left) and Chro Borhan (right).


Photos of the 2017 Convening can be found here.


2017-2018 Action Plan:

During the convening our participants split into dialogue groups to discuss each country team’s presentation and how Forward Global Women can make and impact on the challenges the MENA Region faces. A product of these talks was the development of an action plan for 2018.

  • Post the biographies of all convening participants on our webpage. Include meetings attended and presentations given. Promote with the Institute for Inclusive Security.
  • Develop a curriculum for peer-to-peer educational programs addressing the dangers of violent extremism.
  • Using social media as a platform, create a counter-narrative to violent extremism and recruitment tactics.
  • Include and learn from Mother Africa in future convenings.
  • Press Releases will be issued for future convenings to help spread awareness of Forward Global Women.
  • Forward Global Women will improve upon visibility. A renewed effort will go into building our connections to other organizations and calling attention to our important work.
  • Forward Global Women will compile a report with recommendations from our conferences to be submitted to the United Nations.
  • A focus on ushering in the next generation of peacebuilders will be emphasized in upcoming convenings. One way of supporting future women leaders is to ensure access to our convenings for young women in the MENA Region.

Watch interviews with team representatives here: