Third Annual Convening

October, 2014   –   Berlin, Germany

Third Annual Convening Program Report, 2014 (download report and report appendix)


To create a space for women from the MENA (Middle East/North Africa) Region and the US to have an inspiring convening of connections, conversations, and relationship building through a dialogical engagement with old and new paradigms through the power of stories from women participants, which will deepen the commitment to peace building and the cultivation of new meanings about women leadership and what it means and signifies to women.

  • To create a space for women from the MENA (Middle East/North Africa) Region and the US to have an inspiring convening of connections, conversations and relationship-building through a dialogical engagement with old and new paradigms.
  •  To transform conflict into more sustainable, peaceful relationships that are based upon principles of justice and equality to build support networks that cross geographic, political and cultural boundaries.
  • To facilitate new understandings and pursue solutions to political and social problems for which no answers currently exist.

Advanced readings:

  • What the Women Say: Participation and UNSCR 1325 case study assessment (download here)
  • Women’s Action for New Directions (WAND) presents: In July of 2010 the cost of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq reached 1 trillion dollars. The American Friends Service Committee and National Priorities Project held a contest asking people to submit videos on what they would do with a trillion dollars. Check out the winners here.
  • Extremism as Mainstream: Implications for Women, Development & Security in the MENA/Asia Region (download here)
  • What the Women Say: The Arab Spring & Implications for Women (download here)
  • Women, Peace and Security: Practical Guidance on Using Law to Empower Women in Post-Conflict Systems – Best Practices and Recommendations from the Great Lakes Region in Africa (link here)
  • Implementing Locally, Inspiring Globally: Localizing UNSCR 1325 in Colombia, Nepal, the Philippines, Sierra Leone, and Uganda (link here)

Convening materials:

  • Background on United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325, by Helena Gronberg (download here)
  • Women, Peace, and Security: Practical Guidance on Using Law to Empower Women, by Juelie Arostegui, J.D.
  • Implementation of UN SR 1325 in Israel, by Pnina Steinberg (download here)

Action Agendas:

Action plan 1: Defining ‘Personal Security’

  1. Committee to determine questions and format. Pnina will write the first draft and submit it to the committee. The questions will be available in Arabic, Hebrew and English.
  2. Each country should recruit an intern to conduct the surveys.
  3. Each country should conduct 2 focus groups, 5 personal interviews and 10 surveys of women’s organizations.
  4. Each country to prepared survey report.
  5. Send final report to media and other interested parties.

Action plan 2: Women on Board

Women are at the helm; they are the movers and shakers in their own right. We all know that when women are on board and when they are at the head of the table, not only around the table, they will make decisions which will enact social and cultural changes which foster equity and justice for all.

  1. Form a committee of dedicated, commitment women from the FGW community.
  2. Committee members become acquainted with United Nations committees addressing women’s empowerment, especially in the MENA region.
  3. Compile a database of committees, including names of women in each committee, their education, work, expertise, contributions, and contact information.
  4. Use the database to capitalize on the strengths of these women and to recruit them for related work, including recommending them to nongovernmental organizations and institutions as experts in the field.

Action plan 3: Participant Blog Posts

Each participant has a unique take-away and experience at the Convening. We look forward to sharing ideas among participants as well as with our many supporters and colleagues through an online blog.

  1. Each participant should write a brief post (150-200 words) following the convening.
  2. The posts will be made public on the organization’s website.

Blog posts from 2014 participants

Photos from the Convening 

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