Forward Global Women convenes and trains women leaders in political and civic life from the MENA countries of Jordan, Palestine, Israel, Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco along with USA women.  

2019 Convening | Marrakech, Morocco

The 2019 Convening program: Climate Change and its Impact on Women and Conflict in the MENA Region. Convening participants assessed the impact of climate change from a regional, national and local perspective.

2018 Convening | Washington D.C.

The 2018 Convening program: Women’s Involvement in Politics and Education as a Mobilization Tool. Additionally one full day was spent at the US Capitol meeting with members of Congress and holding panels for House and Senate staffers.

2017 Convening | Oslo, Norway

The 2017 Convening program: “Women’s Role in Countering Violent Extremism and Shifting the Narrative.”

2016 Convening | Nicosia, Cyprus

The 2016 Convening program: Peacemaking, Women’s Rights and Women and Children Refugees.

2015 Convening | Minneapolis, MN

The 2015 Convening program: Women’s Challenges for Security, Peace, Rights and Equality ​in the Middle East: Reducing Vulnerability and Building Resilience.

2014 Convening | Berlin, Germany

The 2014 Convening program: Women, Peace and Security: Implementing UNSCR 1325 in the MENA Region.

The 2013 Convening program: Women’s Participation in Peacebuilding.

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