sandy pappas

Sandy Pappas

President, Forward Global Women

President, Minnesota Senate

Senator Sandy Pappas was first elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives in 1984 and is currently serving in the Minnesota Senate as President of the Senate. Throughout her legislative career, Senator Pappas has been a fervent and long-standing advocate for human rights, women, children, and immigrants.  Over the years, she has passed legislation to prohibit the trafficking of persons; to curtail investment of state funds in the Darfur region of Sudan; to provide emergency contraception for sexual assault victims; to establish licensure for traditional midwives; and to allow children of undocumented parents to attend Minnesota state colleges.

Senator Pappas is Vice President for the Women Legislators Lobby, an adjunct instructor at Metro State University, on the advisory committee for the Office on the Economic Status of Women, serves on the board of World Without Genocide, was a member of the Legislative Commission to End Poverty in Minnesota by 2020, and was chair of the Social Justice Committee at Congregation Shir Tikvah Synagogue.



Rina Bar-Tal

Rina Bar-Tal

Vice-President, Forward Global Women

Former Chair, Israel Women’s Network

Rina Bar-Tal received her BA in English Literature and Psychology from California State University and her MA in Public Administration from Clark University in Massachusetts, USA. She has lectured and facilitated in many forums around the world, including the Shadow Report to the UN on ‘Jump Start’ in Ethiopia, the Third International Forum of Women Presidents on Higher Education and the Fourth Asia Communication and Media Forum, and the International Conference for Women Leaders in Hawaii, USA. Bar-Tal has also worked with government offices, defense forces, NGOs, and other conferences.

Bar-Tal’s volunteer work includes many leadership roles on advisory committees and in organizations such as the Israel Women’s Network, which she chaired from 2000-2012. She was the Secretary-General of Naamat (Pioneer Women), Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Raanana, Project Manager and Developer for Ashalim in Elka, and Director for the School of Lay Leadership at the Joint Distribution Committee in Israel.


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Rula Quawas

Vice-President, Forward Global Women

Professor, University of Jordan

Upon graduation with a Ph.D. in American Literature from the University of North Texas in the USA, Rula Quawas began teaching a wide array of undergraduate and graduate courses pertaining to American Literature at the University of Jordan. She introduced feminist courses in the English Department, teaching American and Arab feminism. She was the founding Director of the Women’s Studies Center at the University of Jordan and was also the Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages.

Quawas’ research has focused on feminist readings of American and Arabic texts written by women. She has co-authored three English Language textbooks and serves on many editorial boards, such as the Journal of Women’s Entrepreneurship and Education, Studies in Literature in English, and the International Journal of Arabic-English Studies. She is also on the board of many networks that deal with women’s diverse issues and with qualitative research. Quawas founded the Women’s Studies Center at the University of Jordan and the Knowledge Production Unit at the Jordanian National commission for women. She was honored as a distinguished international scholar in the USA, awarded the Meritorious Honor Award for Leadership and Dedication, and was recently nominated for the International Women of Courage Award.