FGW founders at Van Leer Jerusalem Institute

FGW founders at Van Leer Jerusalem Institute


Senator Sandy Pappas, Minnesota State Senate (contact)

Professor Rula QuawasUniversity of Jordan [Feb. 25, 1960 – July 25, 2017]

Rina Bar Tal, Former chair, Israel Women’s Network 

(Institutions listed are for identification only. No endorsement is intended.)








Rina Bar Tal, FGW Vice President and Interim President,  Former Chair, Israel Women’s Network

Mary Jo McGuire, Chair of FGW,  Ramsey County Commissioner

Sherry Munyon, FGW Treasurer &  Secretary, Capitol Access

Fatima Sadiqi, Director, University of Fez

Patricia Davis, Director, Consultant and Communications Advisor

Ellen Kennedy, Director, Founder and Executive Director of World Without Genocide






Orit Zuaretz, Director, Former MP of Israeli Knesset.

Ex- Officio Members:






Phyllis Kahn, Director, Former Minnesota State Representative


Senator Sandy Pappas, Executive Director, Minnesota State Senator  (contact)

Rachel Carlson, Program Director, Government Affairs Associate Capitol Access (contact)